Butt Plugs: Everything you wanted to know

The world of anal play is becoming more and more creative as society begins to embrace their sexuality and explore the wide and varied sexual interests that are available in our lives. No matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced anal play aficionado - we’ve got the rundown on the popular butt plugs of today. There’s more to a butt plug than you might think, so keep reading to learn more about these erogenous toys and how they can be added to your sex life to keep things interesting and arousing. We’ll take a look at the various features available on standard butt plugs, vibrating butt plugs, inflatable butt plugs, and the butt plugs that feature a variety of tail styles. In addition, we’ll cover some of the safety basics for investigating anal pleasure. Don’t forget to grab the lube!

Standard Butt Plugs

The typical, or standard, butt plug will often feature a widened, flat base - to prevent it from travelling further than intended. Some are made with narrow bases to increase comfort for longer wear - but these can be less than desirable - even if they are a bit more comfortable when resting between your cheeks. There is little worse than having to interrupt your sexy anal play session because an anal toy slipped in too far - so aim for safety here over the comfort of your cheeks. The flared out base also allows you to leave the plug in while you or your partner continue exploring other areas. This is great when you love to increase the types of sensation that you’re getting from your play session - any combination of anal and oral play is something of an orgasm just waiting to happen.

 The standard butt plug will also have a narrower ‘stem’ area just past the base which allows the sphincter to relax a bit and grasp the plug securely. Beyond the narrow stem, the standard butt plug will expand to the most important part - the inserted ‘bulb’ itself which is often shaped somewhat like a rain drop or an egg with a longer and narrower tip for ease of insertion. These toys are designed to stimulate the male prostate and the female a-spot (a spongy erogenous zone inside the rectum).

These basic butt plugs also come in a variety of textures for additional sumptuous anal sensations.Some are ribbed along the insertable bulb, other bulbs might feature nubs along the length or at the tip, and some even have varied (graduating) sizes along the inserted bulb to really make each butt plug experience very interesting and arousing no matter what plug you settle on introducing to your play! If you prefer a more natural feel in your anal play, there are also butt plugs that are shaped like a man’s package - in just about any size you might desire.

These standard butt plugs are great for anyone interested in experiencing anal play in a new way - especially if you’re new to the anal play arena. Small butt plugs are fantastic for warming up to all sorts of anal pleasures and can be a great addition to your play sessions for multiple reasons. Maybe you just want to train your anus for other anal pleasures that you’re interested in. No matter your goal, standard butt plugs are an amazing toy to add to your sexy anal toy collection - experienced anal player and newbie alike!

Vibrating Butt Plugs

Now, if you’re already loving the sensation of the standard butt plugs and you are looking to amp up your anal pleasure to the next level - consider investing in a vibrating butt plug. These butt plugs are perfect when you want a little more stimulation to bring on the next big anal orgasm in both your self-stimulation and mutual enjoyment play sessions. 

Now, there is a huge variety available in this particular style of anal toy, so let’s take a look at some of the possible variations. Some vibrating butt plugs might offer a way to insert other vibrating motors or toys into the base, while others will feature vibrators strategically placed at the tip or in the bulb body which will give you a much stronger vibrating sensation which can lead to a stronger orgasm.

Vibrating butt plugs can either feature a vibration control module mounted directly on the toy base or a separate control that is often wireless to make your anal play session easier to enjoy. These wireless sets can allow for a whole new level of anal play fun and enjoyment, because you can either control it yourself while you are self-pleasuring, or you can hand the controls over to your partner and let them take the reins on your pleasure levels. There’s nothing quite like handing the power over and letting the orgasm wash over you as your partner plays with the intensity of the vibration - let alone adding in some oral play simultaneously.

In addition to this enjoyable play practice, the vibrating butt plugs can have an amazing impact on your orgasm because of the combination of pressure and vibration on the prostate for males and the a-spot for females. These orgasms can be incredibly powerful and pleasurable - and can be just the thing you’re looking for to spice up your sex life.

Inflatable Butt Plugs

Maybe you’re looking for a butt plug that can adapt more fully to your anal pleasure needs - if this sounds like you, you will definitely want to check out the inflatable butt plug toys that are available right here on our site. These booty plug and play inserts will feature the familiar shape of the standard butt plug (or sometimes more dildo like shape) and come with the addition of an inflator pump that is attached to the base. You might recognize the pump from your doctor’s office from when you have your blood pressure measured. Now, just like with the cuff that goes around your arm, the pump will fill the butt plug with air - causing it to expand and create more pressure inside your rectum.

This is a great way to gain more sensation without endangering your anal sphincter with extra large bulbs that don’t ‘give’ to the pressure of your rectum as it is inserted. These softer bulbs are firm and small in their uninflated state, and can expand to nearly the size of a fist - all depending on how much air pressure you introduce with the air pump. You can pump a little or a lot once you have safely inserted the plug. There’s no shame in experimenting to find the perfect anal experience either. 

One interesting point about the inflatable butt plugs is that these will offer a ar more even pressure while inflated inside of you. Rather than the familiar firmness of other anal toys and butt plugs in particular, these will be more capable of adapting to your contours and offer a more personalized pleasure during your anal play session.

Tailed Butt Plugs

If you’ve ever wondered what you might look like with a tail - and have a curiosity about anal play - tailed butt plugs are the perfect toy to satisfy your curiosity. These are also great for those who are interested in fox, wolf, cat, or even pony play scenarios - some tailed butt plugs even come with a set of ears or other accessories to complete the ‘look’ for your kinky play sessions.

Tailed butt plugs (or butt plugs with tails if you prefer) might be associated with the furry fetish, but it doesn’t have to be limited to just that interest. These enchanting, gorgeous tails can serve multiple purposes and pleasures. Styles vary for both the butt plugs (as mentioned before) and the tails themselves. Plugs are often available in metal or silicone, and the tail colour and pattern options are in every combination imaginable - solids, ombres, natural stripes, and even rainbow effects are possible options - unicorn tail anyone?! 

Once you’ve got your new tail butt plug picked out, you need to be sure you get a lubricant that matches the plug type. Now, as a general rule with tails of all kinds - you want to stick with water-based lubricants. This is because silicone lubes are far more difficult to clean out of the fur materials - especially if you have invested in a real fur toy. In addition, silicone plugs are not compatible with silicone lubricants, but we’ll go over this in just a bit. Condoms can help keep lube away from the fur as well if you want to keep things extra clean.

Safe Anal Play Tips

If you’re new to the anal play experience, you’ll also want to brush up on the guidelines to basic anal play safety. There’s more to it than you might think at first. Not only can some of the styles of butt plugs have narrow bases that might slip in more easily (and require professional attention for safe removal), but there are a few other important points to remember when it comes to every anal encounter you want to experience. 

Anal Play Basics

  • If you’ve never had an anal experience, you must start out with smaller anal toys (or even just your [or your partner’s] fingers), and avoid using numbing lubricating agents as these can both reduce pleasure sensations and are capable of reducing the ability to recognize if you need to stop the anal penetration. The anus is a soft and sensitive area that deserves and demands respect and loving care - you don’t want to rip or tear it - especially when you’re in the throes of pleasure.
  • When you’re comfortable with using small anal toys, you can begin to work towards larger toys for increased penetration and pressure - always go slowly to find your comfort zones.
  • Always use lubricant for every anal encounter you have. The anus is a tight orifice for a good reason, and lubricant will ease the penetration and increase the pleasure you will experience. Even if you are a woman that gets ‘really’ wet during intercourse, you will want to have additional lubricant available for your anal adventures. It just makes everything feel so much more enjoyable.
  • If you love the idea of anal, but aren’t sure about how ‘dirty’ things might get, you can always look into performing a cleansing enema before you venture into the world of anal stimulation. Try not to do these very often - as they can affect the balance of the bio-dome that is your digestive tract, but it comes in handy when you want a really clean experience. Sealed saline enemas are the best bet - as these are sanitary and body safe.
  • Whether you’re new to anal play or an experienced anal player - decide on a safe word with your partner to use in the case that things aren’t quite feeling the way they should. Be sure it’s a word that you don’t normally use in your sexy scenarios or play sessions - it can be confusing to your partner(s).

Butt Plug Basics

  • Never wear a butt plug for longer than 3 to 4 hours at a time. Give your body a break and pamper your anus after an anal play session.
  • Always match your lubricant to your sex toy material - silicone lubes are best for metal, glass, and wooden toys - water based lubes are best for silicone toys in particular and can be used with just about any other toy material the market has come up with so far. Silicone lube and silicone toys do not mix - avoid this combination at all costs.
  • Always clean your toys between every use - butt scent and booty bacteria are not what you want your plug to be covered with when you’re not using it.
  • Never share dirty toys - always clean between every use and if the toy is being used in a multiple partner situation - consider using a condom (and changing the condom every time it is moved to another participant) over the toy to keep things extra clean.