What is the future of male sex toys?

Men's sex toys have changed considerably over the years. We have grown in leaps and bounds from the average blowup doll to the completely realistic re-creations of sexual partners in real doll toys that are available today. There's more technology being placed into sex toys than ever before as well. Because these toys are becoming much more accepted in modern society, their producers are now offering exciting options and new sensations that men can try out into the future. The overall future for men's sex toys looks particularly bright and there are a number of high-tech devices that are stepping up and revolutionising the way that men explore sexually with the help of toys. 

Puse II solo: This is one of the first vibrators that was created to mold to a man's body. There are many vibrators available on the market today that are designed exclusively for women. This is a product that works as a pulsing plate designed for the penis and for light prostate stimulation. The toy creates a completely unique sensation and powerful orgasms for couples play or solo play. The best part is that as this product continues its development it's only getting better. 

Autoblow: This is a fairly new sex toy on the market that simulates the same action as a blowjob. The developer of this sex toy was working to create a personal stimulator that was as close to the real thing as possible and it's only working to get even better. These types of mechanically-based sex toys are only becoming more popular. As there aren't too many sex toys on the market for hands-free masturbation for men, this is a pioneer in the market. 

The future is also getting brighter for luxury sex toys for men. Items like the Alpha One the ring is a much more stylish version of the men's sex toy that even comes in a 24 carat version. It looks like a simple aluminum bracelet or 24 carat bracelet and it comes with attachments that can simulate fellatio, sex or even act as a cock ring. The rubbery gel inside produces a smooth flashlight and the portable nature of the sex toy makes it perfect for flying, travel and more. 

Distance sex toys

New sex toys introduced that connect over Wi-Fi can be a huge help to couples connecting over long distances. These types of sex toys can match up with adult videos and simulate real sex with a partner with wifi linked controls. As these toys improve even further it could be only a matter of time before we start to see closer sexual simulations per couple play. 

Sex dolls

One of the biggest changes to male sex toys has been sex dolls today. Developers are consistently working to improve sex dolls so that they can be much more realistic and potentially even hold AI programming into them later on so that they can respond, have moving joints and limbs and even simulated voices. Modern sex dolls can be re-created to resemble almost anyone but the sex dolls of the future could actually border on real companions as well as to sex toys. 

The future for male sex toys looks extremely bright and it will be exciting to see the innovations that are made from sex toy manufacturers in male sex toys into the future!

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